Application of Static Grounding Clamps on FIBCS

Issuing time:2022-04-02 08:38

FIBC is used during paint transfer, and the use of FIBC is not without risk, but when filling and emptying FIBC in hazardous areas, static charges can build up on the fabric of the product and the material itself. In these cases, the rate of electrostatic charge generation typically exceeds the rate of charge relaxation, allowing electrostatic charge to build up in the process. If the ground connection is not properly introduced, ground continuity cannot be ensured and static charges will not dissipate.

Product Solution


Die-cast aluminum construction with brass jaws.  

Brass jaws are designed to allow proper contact onto unpainted surfaces, posts or thin materials.

Suitable for grounding and bonding on refueling vehicles and aircraft

Opening: 18mm

Sizes: 112mm X 80mm