Product Detail


Product Detail
Name: Overfill Protection Systems Model: SLA-S-Y


The Overfill Protection Systems are to detect a liquid point level signal from a overfill sensor. The system provides an automatic signal to the rack automation equipment to shut-off the flow of liquid, and warn of an impending overflow condition of a tank truck.


Input Power: 220VAC±10%

Input Current: 15mA

Output Signal: On-Off signal

Sensor Cable Length: 8m(26ft.)

Operation Temperature: -40to +60

                                        (-40℉ to +140℉)

Alarm Volume: 90dB

Certification: ExdiaIIBT4 Gc

Features & Benefits

Audibleand visible alarms.

Theoverfill sensor has a continuous self-check and alert feature to ensure thesystem is working properly.