Product Detail


Product Detail
Name: High Level Alarms Model: UZK-A


The High Level Alarms provide an audible and visible alarm for monitoring levels of liquids. It can be directly mounted on a fuel tank to provide a warning of a near full tank level. Alternatively the alarm indicator may be remotely located from the sensor. The powerful audible alarm can be heard over the sound of the pumping equipment. The High Level Alarms are weather proof and can be mounted in wet environments.


Battery: 3VDC (2XAA)

Alarms: Audible and visible alarms

Alarm Volume: >90dB

Operation Temperature: -40℃ to +60℃(-40℉ to +140℉)

Sensor: Piezoelectric sensor

Certification: ExiaIIBT4 Ga

Features & Benefits

◆ Low battery alarm.

◆ Adjustable sensor level.

◆ It has a continuous self-check and alert feature to ensure the system is working properly.

◆ A standard 2 inch BSP fitting provided for mounting. Optional mounting fittings are available upon request.


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