Product Detail

Model: S02

Product Detail
Name: Self-testing Socket and Grounding Bolt Model: S02


Socket and grounding bolt are designed to connect the Overfill Protection & Grounding Systems to the tank truck.

Features & Benefits

◆Checks the function of the overfill sensor and the earthing of the ground bolt. Performs the self-test of the overfill and electrostatic function without the connection of the associated apparatus.

◆ LEDs provide a visual indication of the status of each tank compartment.

◆ Stainless-steel Contact Pins.

◆ Meets API Recommended Practice.

◆ Audible and visible alarms.

◆ Connect up to 6 Overfill Sensors.

◆ Durable Housing.

◆ Certification: ExiaIIBT4 Ga