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Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch

Product Detail
Name Overfill Protection Systems


Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch is a highly reliable control switch dedicated to liquid level measurement. The length of the tuning fork is only 40mm, which is suitable for liquid level measurement in narrow spaces such as containers, storage tanks, tanks and pipes. At the same time, based on the design principle of detecting the change of vibration frequency when the fork body is immersed in the medium, the fork body is precisely tuned, and the measurable medium density of the product is as low as 0.5g/cm3. It is not only suitable for hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, lye, syrup, and medicine. It is especially suitable for high-pressure liquefied gas (such as LNG) and complex measurement occasions with foam, bubble, viscous liquid and vibration interference.

Working principle Specifications

UZK-Y Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch is composed of circuit hardware part and tuning fork sensor part. The tuning fork sensor is composed of piezoelectric ceramic and fork body. The piezoelectric ceramic is fixed to the bottom of the fork body, and the self-excited oscillation circuit of the circuit hardware part make the fork body vibrate; according to the different vibration frequency of the fork body sensor part in the air and in the liquid, detect whether the fork body is in the liquid or the air, and output the switch signal.Battery: 6VDC (4XAAA)

Alarms: Audible and visible alarms

Alarm Volume: 110dB

Ambient temperature: -40to +60(-40℉ to +140℉)

Sensor:Float sensor

EU-Type Examination Certificate No.: Presafe 18 ATEX 13423X

IEC Certificate No.: IECEx PRE 18.0084X

Applicable Directive: 2014/34/EU

Features & Benefits

◆ Low battery alarm.

◆ Adjustable sensor level.

◆ A standard 2 inch BSP fitting provided for mounting. Optional mounting fittings are available upon request.


Ambient temperature: -40℃ to 70℃ (-40℉ to 158℉)

Fork body material: stainless steel

Liquid density: ≥0.5g/cm³

Measurement accuracy: measurement deviation ±1mm

Repeatability: ±1mm

Power supply voltage: AC 220V; DC 24V

Work rate: ≤1.5W

Output signal: two groups of normally open and normally closed contacts

Outlet port: G3/4”

Contact capacity: AC220V 8A or DC24V 8A

Sensor length: 40mm

Input depth: ≤70mm(can be customized)

Max. pressure in vessel: -1~64bar(please specify in PO)

Temperature range in vessel: -40~150℃

Oscillation frequency of tuning fork: about 1000Hz

Oscillation amplitude of tuning fork tip: about 0.5mm

Damping delay of tuning fork: about 1 S

Ingress protection: IP66

Ex-marking ExdⅡCT6