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Model: SLA-S-IIC

Product Detail
Name Overfill Protection and Earthing Systems Model SLA-S-IIC


The Overfill Protection and Grounding Systems are designed for bottom loading of tank trucks, rail cars, etc…In the event of an overfill condition, the overfill sensors will send a signal through the output relay to the terminal automated loading system to shutdown the loading operation. The system provide overfill protection as well as grounding verification.


Input Power: 220VAC±10%

Input current: <50mA

Monitoring Set Point: 10 ohms

Output Signal: 30VDC ,10A /250VAC ,10A

Ingress Protection: IP65

Spiral cable: Extendable to 8m (26ft.)

Operation Temperature: -40℃ to +60℃(-40℉ to +140℉)

Alarm Volume: >90dB

Certification: ExdiaIIBT4 Gc

Features & Benefits

◆ Audible and visible alarms.

◆ Compatible with overfill sensors and sockets that meet API standards.

◆ Monitors up to 6 five-wire optic sensors.

◆ LED display provides the resistance value of the ground connection.

◆ When the connector plug is in the stowed in the storage socket, the system will put out a homing signal to open or close an automatic gate.

◆  Easy to mount and install.


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