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Model: SLA-S-IIC

Product Detail
Name Overfill Protection and Earthing Systems Model SLA-S-IIC


The Overfill Protection and Grounding Systems are designed for top and bottom loading of tank trucks, rail cars, etc..In the event of an overfill condition, the overfill sensors will send a signal through the output relay to the terminal automated loading system to shutdown the loading operation. The systems provide overfill protection as well as grounding verification.


Input Power: 220VAC±10%

Input current: 35mA

Monitoring Set Point: 10 ohms

Output Signal: 30V DC ,10A /250V AC ,10A

Ingress Protection: IP65

Spiral Cable: Extendable to 5.3 m (17.4ft.)

Operation Temperature: -40to +60

            (-40 to +140)

Sensor Cable Length: 6m(20ft.)

Alarm Volume: 90dB

Certification: ExdiaIIBT4 Gc

Features & Benefits

◆ Audible and visible alarms.

◆ Upon the loss of a ground connection or an overfill condition, the system will send a signal to immediately shut off the loading operation.

◆ An LED display provides the resistance value of the ground connection.

◆ The overfill sensor has a continuous self-check and alert feature to insure the system is working properly.



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